How to Change NetFlix Accounts on an Xbox

Updated February 21, 2017

An expanded feature of the Xbox 360 video game console is its compatibility with movie-rental service Nexflix's "watch it now" system. The instant queue allows Netflix subscribers to stream selected movies directly to their television, through the Xbox 360. If you have Netflix already on your Xbox 360 but want to change the account information, the process can be accomplished in a few steps.

Power on your Xbox 360 and press the guide button (The X button in the centre) on the Xbox 360 controller to bring up the menu. Then navigate to the "Settings" blade on the left side of the menu. Use the control stick to scroll down and select "System Settings." Then press A.

Select "Memory" from the menu, followed by "Hard Drive" and finally "Games." A list will populate with all your saved data. Scroll through the list and delete all entries that have the word "Netflix" attached to them. This effectively deletes your account on the Xbox 360.

Log in to the Netflix account associated with your Xbox 360 console (using a computer) and select "Netflix Ready Device Activation" from your "Account" page. Then choose the Xbox 360. Once you have selected the Xbox 360, use the "deactivate" function to remove the link between your console and the Netflix account.

Find the Xbox Live marketplace (on your Xbox 360) and download the Netflix instant queue streaming utility. Once the application has been downloaded, launch it from the dashboard.

Go back to Netflix on your computer and log in to the new account you want to use on your Xbox 360. Go back to the "Netflix Ready Device Activation" section and add the Xbox 360. You will receive an activation code.


Once a Netflix account has been removed from an Xbox 360, that particular account can never be restored on another Xbox 360, as each account only has one activation code associated with it.

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