How to Reset Memory for an HP Ink Cartridge

Updated March 23, 2017

An HP ink cartridge can easily be refilled to cut down on costs, but the obstacle is getting the HP printer to recognise it. The ink cartridge needs to be reset so the HP printer can recognise it as full. When the HP ink cartridge is properly reset, you can continue to use it to print. One method is to cover the cartridge contacts, because these are used to gauge the ink levels. Another method uses several empty cartridges. Both allow you to refill the cartridge to save money.

Place the refilled ink cartridge into the HP printer and print out an alignment page to activate the cartridge. The ink level will still appear at the level it was before you refilled it.

Remove the cartridge from the printer.

Insert an old cartridge into the printer and print out an alignment page so the printer will recognise this as a different cartridge from the first cartridge.

Remove the second cartridge and insert a third cartridge and print out an alignment page. The printer will erase the memory of the refilled cartridge as it recognises the third cartridge inserted.

Insert the first, refilled cartridge into the HP printer. This cartridge will now be recognised as full by the HP printer.

Place tape over the contact square on the top-left corner of the cartridge.

Insert this cartridge into the HP printer and print an alignment page. Ignore any messages regarding the cartridge having a problem.

Remove the cartridge and remove the tape. Place tape over the right corner contact squares. Reinsert the cartridge and print another alignment page.

Remove the cartridge and take off all the tape. Reinsert the cartridge and the HP printer should now recognise it as full. Repeat if it does not.

Place tape over the contact squares on the bottom corner of the cartridge and repeat the process if the HP printer still does not recognise it as full.

Things You'll Need

  • HP printer
  • several HP cartridges
  • adhesive tape
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