How to Print a Quarter Fold Birthday Card in Microsoft Word

Written by diane dilov-schultheis | 13/05/2017
How to Print a Quarter Fold Birthday Card in Microsoft Word
Birthdays call for celebrations. (birthday celebration image by Liz Van Steenburgh from

Microsoft Word, a word processing program, assists users in creating documents for school, home or business purposes. Word is sold as part of the Microsoft Office suite packages or as a separate program. Use Microsoft Word to create a variety of publications with the available templates, or on blank documents. You can create items such as letters, reports, and resumes, or you can design business or birthday cards that you can print on your printer.

Start Microsoft Word and open your quarter-fold birthday card file. Make any final changes desired.

Load the paper you want to print your birthday card on into your printer.

Click on the "Print" icon, or select "Print" under the Microsoft Office Logo.

Verify the correct printer is selected, or choose your printer from the ones listed in the drop-down list.

Click on "OK" to print your birthday card.

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