How to Fix a Phillips TV with No Sound

Updated February 21, 2017

So you turned on your television and, uh-oh, no sound. Don't panic--the cause may be relatively simple and quickly fixed at home without calling for a repairman. A loss of sound can have many causes and taking a few minutes to examine your television can spare your blushes (and your wallet) by not having to have the TV fixed for a minor problem. Eliminating a few common causes for a loss of sound should only take a few minutes.

Check the volume setting. It might sound simple, but it's the best place to start. Make sure the television sound is not muted or turned all the way down using the remote or buttons on the front of the television. If the batteries are dead in the remote and the TV is muted or turned down, it might seem like the sound is broken.

Examine cables connected to the TV. Sometimes a loose connection can cause a loss of sound. Ensure all cables are tightly connected to the television and correctly inserted. Some peripherals are connected using a three-plug system and are usually labelled red, white (sometimes black) and yellow. Both the red and white leads are sound cables. Try removing all the cables (except the power) from the back of the television and turning it to TV mode, then listen for static or other sound.

Plug in headphones to the television with all cables reattached. See if you can hear sound through the headphones. If you can, it may indicate that the TV's internal speakers are not working. If you can't hear anything through the headphones, it may be indicative of a larger problem.

Call a repairman. If at this point everything has failed to produce a sound, it's time to call in the professionals. A qualified technician should be able to fix the problem either at your home or in a workshop.

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