How to Make a Cardboard & Foil Child's Knight Costume

Updated April 17, 2017

A knight's costume is a very popular dress-up theme for children, particularly at Halloween, yet buying one from a store can prove costly. Try making your own from scratch using a few basic items for a fraction of the cost. Not only is this relatively easy to do and cost effective, it is something that your child can assist you with and personalise. Sometimes things that you make yourself, especially a project that you can do with your child, can be much more rewarding.

Find a small cardboard box that fits well over your child's head. Leave plenty of room at the base for his mouth. This will be the basis for the knight's helmet and will cover most of the face. Mark where his eyes are when he's wearing the box so when you take it off you can cut eye openings in the correct places.

Take a large piece of foil and cover the box so no cardboard is visible. Foil is very malleable and will easily stay on the cardboard helmet, but you may want to secure the ends with a dab of glue. After you have covered the helmet take something sharp like a skewer or toothpick and punch small holes into the lower half to create air holes.

Draw a shield shape onto a large area of cardboard. Measure your child first to make sure it is the appropriate size for him. Remember that shields are wider at the top and come to a point at the bottom. Use box cutters to cut out the shape and cover it with tin foil on both sides. Glue a Velcro fastening to the back end of the shield to make it easier to carry.

Measure your child's chest and cut out two matching square shapes for his body armour, making sure that it fits over his chest but leaves him enough room to manoeuvre his arms. Cover the front and back piece with tin foil. Attach some Velcro to join the front and the back at his shoulders.

Draw a sword shape onto a large section of cardboard, remembering to make it come to a point at the end. Use your box cutter to cut out the shape of your sword before covering it with the tin foil. Take a foil pie dish and fold it in half. Cut a slit in the middle, where it folds, and place the sword through to make your handle.


Use a permanent black marker to add embellishments to the knight's costume, or paint areas of the sword and helmet for decoration. Try having your child create a family crest for the sword and embellish their sword with glitter or rhinestones. Add grey gloves and a red scarf to the costume.


Make sure that an adult is in charge of using the box cutters.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard boxes (broken down and ready to use)
  • Tin foil
  • Tin pie dish
  • Box cutters
  • Measuring tape
  • Glue
  • Permanent marker
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