How to connect a toslink cable

Updated February 21, 2017

TOSLINK, also known as EIA-J, is a type of fibre optic digital interface used to connect digital surround sound systems, audio devices to computers and audio devices to cable/satellite systems. TOSLINK cables carry audio data in the form of light instead of electricity. The cables transmit clear audio free of distortions and other imperfections. TOSLINK cables are inexpensive, and are available from electronic, retail and online outlets (they look similar to analogue audio cables). TOSLINK connections consist of a TOSLINK port and cable.

Turn off the electronic devices containing TOSLINK, OPT1 or EIA-J ports. Unplug the device's power cords from the electrical socket.

Turn the devices around or to the side so you have access to the port.

Plug one end of a TOSLINK cable into the TOSLINK, OPT1 or EIA-J port on the side or back of the electronic device. The cable will only go in one way. The cable's end is shaped like a house with a flat top.

Plug the other end of the TOSLINK cable into the TOSLINK, OPT1 or EIA-J port on the side or back of the other device you want to connect to the first electronic device.

Turn the devices around. Plug the devices' power cords into an socket.

Turn on the electronic devices to test the connections. If you don't hear audio, check the connections.


Do not pull or yank on the TOSLINK cable. To remove the cable, gently pull the cable from the port. TOSLINK cables are easily damaged if pulled or yanked from a device.

Things You'll Need

  • Electronic devices with TOSLINK, OPT1 or EIA-J ports
  • TOSLINK cable
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