How to Pack for a Cruise to Norway

Updated April 17, 2017

Cruises typically voyage to Norway, a country in Scandinavia, from May through September when the weather is less harsh. Packing for a trip to a foreign country can be a stressful process. Even with thorough preparation, you may always have a feeling that you forgot something at home. With these helpful tips, you will be able to pack for your cruise to Norway with less stress and more efficiency.

Make a list at least three to four days before you depart of all the items you want to bring on your cruise. Making a list will reduce the chances of forgetting something at home. You can add items to your list as they come to mind. See References for an example list that may give you ideas of what to pack for your cruise. As you pack items in your suitcase, cross that item off your list.

Pack light. Consider bringing no more than one or two suitcases per person plus one carry-on bag. Packing light will make travelling easier. Pack some essentials in your carry-on bag that you cannot go without, such as medicine, toiletries, travel documents and a change of clothes, in case your luggage is lost during your flight.

Pack clothing that can be interchanged, so you can wear trousers and shirts in different combinations. You could wear a jacket with a fancy pair of trousers when going to a nice restaurant and wear the jacket again with a pair of jeans or casual trousers. Pack one pair of dress shoes and one pair of casual shoes that you can wear when walking long distances while sightseeing. Packing clothes with a similar colour scheme that can be worn interchangeably will cut down on the amount of clothing and shoes you need to bring.

Pack speciality clothes that you will need for the activities you plan on doing in Norway. If you are going to be hiking or doing other outdoor activities, bring athletic clothes and shoes. Always bring a raincoat to prepare for all types of weather.

Prepare for Norwegian weather. Look up the average high and low temperatures during the dates you will be travelling to Norway. It tends to be cool in the evening, so bring warm clothes even if you are going during the warmest summer months.

Things You'll Need

  • List of items to pack
  • Suitcase
  • Carry-on bag
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