How to Do Cheshire Cat Makeup

Updated April 17, 2017

The Cheshire Cat is a character from Lewis Carroll's book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." His best-known portrayal is in Disney's cartoon of the book, where he can be seen as a plump, purple-and-pink house cat with a wide, white grin. It is this grin that he is most known for, so when you prepare to paint your face into Disney's Cheshire Cat, you'll not only need pink-and-purple make-up, but also white and black for his famous smile.

Draw an outline of the Cheshire cat's grin on your face with the black eyeliner. You want it to cover around your mouth and rise up on both sides of your cheeks.

Paint everywhere else on your face around the grin with purple face paint.

Apply cat coat stripes on the purple with the pink face paint. You will want to use thick, pink paint so that the purple does not show through. Three stripes on each side of your face, starting out thick at the edges of your face and thinning to a point in your cheek, should give the desired effect.

Gently and carefully apply the white face paint inside the black eyeliner lines of the grin. Let all the face paint dry as much as possible.

Use the black eyeliner to draw teeth in the grin. You can draw from the corners of your mouth to the tops of the points in the grin for the teeth line and add vertical lines for the individual teeth.

Apply thick black eyeliner on your eyelids around your eyes. You can add cat points at the outside corners of your eyes to make your eyes more catlike.

Either put on black mascara to make your eyes more noticeable, or apply fake eyelashes.

Draw whiskers on your cheeks with the black eyeliner as a finishing touch.


You can use your fingers to do all the face paint make-up, but brush applicators can be used as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Pink, purple, and white face paint
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black Mascara
  • Fake eyelashes (optional)
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