How to Install an Audi Bluetooth on a Mobile Phone

Updated April 01, 2017

Audi vehicles are known for their luxury and features. One feature that many Audi automobiles have is the ability to be paired with your mobile phone. Once connected, you can make and receive calls hands-free through the car stereo, and in some models, you can transfer other files as well. Connecting your mobile phone and Audi is easy to do and should only take a few minutes.

Enter the Bluetooth menu of your mobile phone (typically found under settings) and select "Search for new devices" from the available options.

Select your Audi from the list of devices that appears. You phone will list all bluetooth-compatible devices that are around it.

Enter the pairing code for your Audi into your mobile phone when prompted. The pairing code for your Audi should be found on a sticker on the car stereo, or will typically be located in the users manual for your vehicle.

Begin using your phone while driving. Most Audis will have a phone icon button on the dash you can use to make and receive calls while driving. Your phone will need to be powered on in order to use it in the car

Things You'll Need

  • Audi
  • Mobile Phone
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