How to Get a Hotmail Email Address

Updated June 13, 2017

Hotmail is one of the original free e-mail services on the Internet. The name was taken from HTML, and spelt HoTMaiL when the company began in 1996. The free e-mail service was purchased by Microsoft in 1997 and is now known as Windows Live Hotmail. Creating a new hotmail account is simple.

Go to , the MSN sign-up page . An alternate route is to search "Sign up for MSN Live Account" and choose the hotmail option.

Choose a country/region. Be as accurate as possible so that it is easy to remember information, such as zip code, later. Industry tech guru Dave Taylor reports, "...almost every time I get a query from someone who needs to recover their account access, they've forgotten what zip code they used when they signed up. Best, of course, is to use your actual zip code, but that can be a bit of a trick if you're not based in the United States." Changing the country will open alternate "province" or "postcode" options.

Choose an e-mail address. Press the "check availability" prompt and make repeated attempts to find something original. It is best to start the application with several alternate e-mail addresses in mind in case the most desired nomicker is already taken by one of the other approximately 270 million hotmail subscribers.

Choose a password, again, something easily remembered. Respond to the prompt and select a reminder question. This is very important. The reminder question will be asked in case of lost or forgotten passwords. If the answer does not match the answer entered during sign-up, access to the account is blocked. Do not take this step lightly, and make sure the answer readily comes to mind. Forgotten capitals, order, or spelling can sabotage later efforts. If necessary, write it down in a secure location.

Fill out profile information, including postcode. A block with distorted letters will appear to make certain an actual person, not an automated spammer, is opening the account. Type the letters as they appear. Click to accept user terms. Mission accomplished; the new hotmail account is ready for use.


When deciding on an e-mail address, remember that using last names diminishes anonymity. An e-mail address is something you'll be typing repeatedly, and shorter is better. Passwords can include letters, numbers and punctuation. In hotmail, passwords are case sensitive. Your account can be configured to ask for a new password every 10 weeks for added security.

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