How to Write a Surprise Party Invitation

Updated May 03, 2018

If your friend or family member is about to hit a birthday milestone such as turning 50, you may want to throw them a surprise party. Surprise parties don't cost any more than any other type of birthday party. To start the surprise party off right, you need some invitations, which you can make right at home.

Decide how many guests you are going to invite. This will tell you how many surprise party invitations you need to make.

Cut out your cards from card stock. Make sure they fit in the envelopes you bought. Office supply stores sell invitations and the card stock. Just fold your card stock in half and place it in the envelope. If it fits you can use that size to cut out the rest of the cards.

Get a picture of the birthday guy or gal and have it copied at an office supply store. A colour copier can give you a great picture. Cut the photo out and glue it to the front of your invitation.

Take out your markers and in bubble letters write "It's a" above the picture and "Surprise" below the picture. This lets all of the readers know right away that the birthday party is going to be a surprise.

Open the card and on the right side of the card, write, "Please join us in celebrating (name of birthday guy or gal) 50th Birthday."

List the date, time and location of the party under the heading. So you might have: Saturday, August 8 at 6 p.m. Goshen Banquet Hall, 555 Elvis Lane.

Continue by adding your name and your contact information for an RSVP. You might write: RSVP Sharon Smith, 555-5555 or e-mail

Finish with a little saying like, "Hope to see you there."

Add party stickers around your text or on the left side of the card. This makes the card festive.

Place the invitation in the envelope, address, put on stamp and mail.


You can add the word "Shhh" before "it's a surprise" on the front cover of the invitation. Feel free to add any ribbons or lace to the card to make it more attractive.

Things You'll Need

  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Picture of the birthday guy or gal
  • Stickers
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