How to Transfer Music From an iTunes Library to a Thumb Drive

Updated July 20, 2017

A thumb drive, also known as a USB flash drive, has become of the most convenient methods for file transfer between computers. Many computer users keep their flash drives on a keychain and use them as needed. You can transfer music from iTunes to a USB thumb drive by dragging and dropping files from the media library to the drive. This requires the user to first connect the thumb drive to a computer. The set-up process to start transferring files only takes a few minutes to complete.

Open the iTunes media player on your computer. Wait for the program to start up.

Insert the USB thumb drive into an open USB port on your computer. USB ports may sit on the left, right or front side of your computer. The USB port may also be in your computer's monitor instead of the tower. Try inserting the thumb drive into each port on your computer if you are unsure which is USB. Eventually you'll find the port that fits the device.

Click "Start" and then select "Computer" or "My Computer." Your USB drive's icon will appear in the list of available drives. The icon will contain a letter name like drive "F:."

Click the iTunes window again. Click the "Library" button in the left panel of the program. Click and drag the music tracks you want to download over the USB drive icon in the list of drives. Release the mouse click when the file sits on top of the drive icon. Repeat this process for each audio track you wish to download to the thumb drive.

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