How to make mouse ears for a child's costume

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether it's for a fancy dress party or a school play, if you make your own mouse costume, you can save money and add some originality to the outfit. To top off your homemade costume with your own mouse ears, all you need is a little time and some basic craft supplies.

Cut out two circles of black construction paper that are each 10 cm in diameter.

Cut out two circles of pink construction paper that are each 5 cm in diameter.

Glue one small pink circle onto the middle of each large black circle using white glue or a glue stick.

Fold over a small part of each black circle about 1.25 cm, creating a small flap.

Apply hot glue to the flaps you created by folding the circles. Attach the circles onto either side of the headband, using the flaps. Make sure the pink side of the ears face forward.

Allow the glue to cool.


Rather than black construction paper and headbands, use any other neutral mouse-like colour, such as white, grey or brown.

If you don't have a headband, secure the ears to the top of a plain black (or neutral-coloured) hat.

Laminate the ears for increased durability, before gluing them to the headband or hat.

To make cat ears, cut the construction paper into triangles rather than circles.

Things You'll Need

  • Black construction paper
  • Pink construction paper
  • Scissors
  • White glue or glue stick
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Black headband
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