How to make a Christmas garland for stairs

Decorating your home for Christmas is a lovely way to create wonderful memories. The stairway is often the first thing seen when you or guests enter your home and decorating it with a Christmas garland will set the stage for all your holiday decor. Coordinate this area with colours, bows and ornaments found on your Christmas tree and throughout the entire house. Accomplishing this task is easy, and it only takes a few supplies and very little artistic ability.

Measure your staircase and plan to purchase garland approximately two times the length to ensure you have enough artificial garland. This will allow for the extra length needed in weaving it around the stair railing. You can attach several small garlands together with floral wire if you cannot find one long enough.

Purchase decorative ribbons, assorted flowers or decorative fruits to add to your garland. Keep the theme and colours of your tree and other holiday decor in mind when purchasing these items. You can choose thin or wide ribbons in an assortment of colours and fabrics. You may want a shiny, glittery effect or you may choose to use brocade or velvet ribbons. Netting and tulle make lovely additions to your garland, and when chosen in a coordinating colour with the other decor in your home, the effect is quite dramatic. Another idea for the fabric ribbon is to make decorative bows to glue on every few inches.

Lay the garland on a long tabletop or on the floor according to the website. Wrap the ribbon, netting or tulle around the garland and continue to the end. Attach it with small clothespins, bread ties or floral wire, twisting the ends to secure and hiding them under the ribbons and other additions. You may want to secure it every few feet to make it stay together while you are wrapping it around the railing.

Add floral touches by cutting the ends off silk flowers leaving only the blossom and enough stem to attach it. Attach these with a hot glue gun or florist wire. Scatter them over the entire garland, leaving about 15 or 30 cm (6 inches or a foot) between each flower.

Glue or wire other festive holiday ornaments to the garland, or use fake sugared fruits, or items like artificial artichokes, pineapples, miniature lanterns, or whimsical Santa or elf figurines. Add a string of cool-burning white lights for a sparkling effect. Let your imagination run wild, and you will have a one of a kind garland your neighbours and friends will envy.

Wrap the stairway railing with the finished garland and tie both ends with a giant bow. Another idea is to drape it every few feet, creating swags of garland along the railings. You can tie a bow at the top of each draping to hold it in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Artificial garland or greenery
  • Ribbons
  • Hot glue gun
  • Assorted silk flowers, ornaments or figurines
  • Floral wire
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