How to create a simple price list

Listing the prices of items is fundamental to any business. Whether it be a local grocery store or a major computer manufacturer, creating price lists is an easy and necessary task. Just a few simple steps can enable your business to be more organised and your customers more satisfied with a clean and easily understandable list of products and prices. Not only does this take relatively little computer knowledge, but also will reflect well on your business.

Create an Excel file and label two columns: "Product" and "Price." Use these titles in the first row starting with the first column labelled 'A'. It is easiest to use columns immediately next to each other. (Price list functions)

Enter Product names in the Product column. The fastest way to create a price list would be to enter all the names first followed by respective prices. Be sure to enter only one product name per row.

Enter appropriate prices in the "Prices" column. To make it easier to handle the currency used, right-click the top of Row B, then select "Format Cells." Under the "Numbers" tab, select "Currency," then change the other settings (decimal point, currency) to your liking. Click "OK" to return to your spreadsheet. Now, simply type in the numbers for the pricing; the data will take the formatting you specified.

After typing in each price, be sure to check your records that the price and product association is correct.

Print the document by selecting "Print" in the "File" menu. If the list of products and prices is long, then the printer may produce more than one sheet.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Printer (If desired)
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