How to extend a computer's monitor cable

Updated February 21, 2017

Typically, your monitor is somewhere close to your computer, so there is no trouble connecting it to work with the computer using the cable supplied by the monitor manufacturer. However, you may want or need to place your monitor at a distance from the computer itself. To do that, you can connect a monitor extension cable. Monitor cables are generally for DVI or VGA connections. Whichever type of connection you use, the extension cable should have one male end (has pins on the connector) and one female end (has receptor holes on the connector). The male end will connect to your computer, and the female end will connect to the monitor's existing cable.

Position the monitor where you want it, and then measure the distance between the end of the cable that runs out of the monitor and the CPU. At a computer store or an online vendor, purchase a monitor extension cable of the length and type you'll need.

Connect the female end of the extension cable (the end with the holes) to the free end of the monitor's own cable (the end with small pins in it) by inserting the pins into the holes.

Bring the free (male) end of the extension cable to your computer, and insert the cable into the monitor port on the back side of the computer. The monitor port is where the monitor's own cable would connect, if it were long enough. You'll know the cable is in the right spot when it fits perfectly into the computer.

Hold the cable in place, and then tighten the cable to the computer by turning the screws on the cable end clockwise.

Turn on the computer and the monitor.


One end of the extension cable must be male (with pins), and the other end must be female (with receptor holes). A computer monitor connects to your computer via either a DVI or VGA cable. A VGA cable is made up by a series of small pins (typically 15), arranged in rows. A DVI cable has a series of small square pints with a cross-like shape next to it.

Things You'll Need

  • Monitor
  • Monitor extension cable
  • Computer
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