How to Sell Used Woodworking Tools

Updated February 21, 2017

Woodworking tools are used in many different professions and walks of life, from school classrooms to construction sites. If you are looking to sell your old woodworking tools, consider your options and advertise in a wide range of places.

Post advertisements on the internet. Be specific: include the types of tools, how many you are selling and the condition. Provide pictures of the tools, prices and include your contact number or e-mail address.

Contact elementary, middle and high schools and ask if they want to purchase used woodworking tools for art, crafts or wood shop classes. Consider contacting local universities and community colleges as well.

Contact local construction companies, woodworkers and hardware stores, and ask if they would like to purchase your used woodworking tools.

Post flyers in a variety of stores, neighbourhoods and schools to target individuals who may be interested in buying your used woodworking tools.


Always get permission before you post flyers, or they may be immediately removed.

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