How to open MHT files

Microsoft's Internet Explorer produces MHT files when you use its "Save page" functionality. These files contain both the Web page and all the media files associated with it. Because plain HTML Web pages contain only the text of the page with links to images and other media, MHT files are a handier way to archive Web pages so you can open and view them later.

Launch Internet Explorer.

Right-click in the tab area and make sure "Menu bar" is checked if you don't see the File menu near the top of the Internet Explorer window.

Click on the "File" menu, then "Open." In the dialog box that pops up, select "Browse."

Navigate through the file browser to a MHT file that you saved previously. Click on it, and press "Open," The file's location now appears in the dialog box from Step 3.

Click "OK" in the dialog box to open the MHT file in an Internet Explorer tab.


Save MHT files using the "Save As..." option in Internet Explorer's "File" menu. It should be the default option for saving a Web page. Microsoft Word also can save MHT files. At the time of publication, the Opera Web browser also could open and create MHT files. Chrome and Firefox (with the Mozilla Archive Format extension) could open but not create these files.

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