How to inflate a pool float

Updated February 21, 2017

No matter what type of swimming pool you have, inflatable pool toys can make that pool a lot more fun. Adding inflatable pool floats allows you to relax and unwind while surrounded by all that cool water. And inflatable pool toys can keep your kids entertained for hours. Before you can enjoy those great pool floats, however, you need to set them up properly.

Purchase a portable air compressor or pump to blow up your pool toys, floats and other inflatables. You can use the type of air compressor you would use to inflate a flat tire, but avoid high-powered air compressors, which could damage your pool float. You also can use a hand- or foot-powered pump.

Remove the pool float from its box and set it on level ground. Find the inflation tube on the pool float, and attach the end of your air compressor to it. Make sure you have a firm seal between the inflation tube and the end of the air compressor. Depending on the type of air compressor you have, you might need to purchase a special adaptor.

Use your air compressor to inflate the pool float. Be careful not to overinflate the float; overinflating could damage it and cause it to spring a leak.

Stop inflating when the pool float feels firm to the touch. Allow the pool float to sit for a few hours, then check the firmness again. If the inflatable has lost some air, reinflate it and make sure the air-hole cover is firmly sealed.

Things You'll Need

  • Portable air compressor
  • Pool float
  • Instruction manual
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