How to get cleaning contracts for a cleaning company

Updated April 17, 2017

Success in the cleaning industry is often dependent on securing contracts. Getting contracts for your cleaning company can be accomplished via a number of venues. Even considering the economy, there is almost always a relatively high demand for both commercial and residential cleaning services. Whether you are responding to an ad, submitting a proposal, or just hoping to expand your business through advertising and word of mouth, preparation and persistence is essential for this highly competitive but promising industry.

Prepare a basic business proposal, which you will use as a general template for presenting to prospective clients. Your proposal packet should have a cover page, followed an outline of your services, history, price list, references and contact information. By keeping this template in your computer files, the specific information can be changed to suit the particular company you are addressing. For professional appearance, you may want to use a clear report cover to protect the pages before sending the packet to businesses. Many free sample contracts are available online, such as those at

Search your local newspaper's classified ads or online classified sites such as (see Reference 1) for businesses seeking cleaning services. Online ads will often have links to the company's website, whereby you can learn about the company before sending your proposal packet. Newspaper classified ads will usually direct you to mail a proposal or to call a number for more information. When contacting the company, ask for an address to send your proposal. Even when the ad doesn't specify sending bids or proposals, remember that your packet will likely leave a professional impression on a prospective client.

Reach out to businesses by calling, e-mailing, dropping of your business card, and sending your proposal packet with a brief cover letter introducing your company. Although many businesses may already be contracted with another cleaner or feel they are not in need of cleaning services at the current time, your company's name is sure to remain in their mind when the need does arise. Besides finding businesses through your local phone directory's yellow pages, be alert in your daily travels. Your barber shop, doctor's office and local nursing home are all examples of places that probably contract with cleaning companies. You increase your potential for having the opportunity to bid and win a cleaning contract for your cleaning company by remaining persistent in your search.


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