How to clean beige leather

Updated February 21, 2017

Beige leather is a popular fabric choice found on many pieces of furniture, as well as car interiors. The clean, elegant look of the leather creates an inviting space, however the light colour of the fabric is not very forgiving. This makes it important to clean the leather often, and properly, as to prevent damage and discolouration that can sometimes develop. By cleaning with the right products, and acting quickly when a spill occurs, you can keep the beige leather looking its best.

Vacuum or dust the beige leather regularly to easily collect dirt and residue. Remember to also clean between seams that often go uncared for.

Mix a soapy cleaning solution in the sink by combining three cups of water with a squirt of liquid dish soap. This mild soap will safely clean the beige without leaving film or causing discolouration.

Dip a white cleaning cloth in the solution and twist out excess moisture.

Wipe over the beige leather surface using firm, even swipes. Focus especially on areas with residue or film that is causing the surface to look unclean.

Wipe once more with a damp white cleaning cloth soaked in water only. This will collect any remaining cleaner along with any remaining residue on the chair.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Dish detergent
  • White cleaning cloth
  • Vacuum or duster
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