How to respond to a party invitation

A host may extend a party invitation with a formal card, an e-mail message or with a verbal contact. Your response to a party invitation depends upon the method with which the host extended it to you. Regardless of how a host invites you to a party, you should always respond to the host with an acceptance or regret. This enables the host to plan the party and know how many guests will be attending.

Reply to a verbal invitation by accepting immediately or contacting the host by telephone later. Call the host and thank her for the invitation. Next, you must either accept the invitation or extend your regrets about not being able to attend the party.

Respond to a written invitation by contacting the host, using the method requested by the host. If there is a response card included in the invitation, return this to the host with your acceptance or regrets. If the host requests you respond by telephone, call the host to accept or pass on the invitation.

Use an e-mail message to accept or pass on a party invitation. E-mail replies to a party invitation are informal and you should only use this form of acceptance or regret for an informal party.


If you are accepting an invitation and you have special dietary concerns, it is appropriate to inform your host of any foods you do not eat. Tell the host how many people will be attending the party when you accept. If you are extending your regrets to a party invitation, do not tell your host you are "too busy" to attend the party. Instead, say something vague about having "conflicting plans."


Always respond to a party invitation within the time frame requested by the host.

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