How to Stick Edging on Laminate Flooring

Updated February 21, 2017

Laminate flooring is a popular do-it-yourself product for the average homeowner, but often the difficulties lie with the finishing touches. Since laminate floors require a minimum expansion space of one-quarter inch around the perimeter of the room, there will be a gap at the end of each flooring plank or tile. It's important that the homeowner understands what edging is needed for the floor and the procedure to follow when sticking the edging into place wherever the laminate floor meets the walls.

Cut the quarter round moulding the lengths of the walls using a mitre saw and box, taking care to cut an inside angle on inner corners and an outer angle on outside corners.

Install the moulding using a hammer and finish nails, and take care to nail into the subfloor rather than the laminate. This will cover the quarter-inch expansion gap between the wall and the laminate.

Cover the finish nail holes with wood putty to give your edging a professionally finished look.


Number the moulding pieces consecutively as you measure and cut them for ease of installation. Stain or paint the moulding before installation for a professional look.

Things You'll Need

  • Quarter round moulding, length of wall perimeter (plus 10% for cutting waste)
  • Mitre saw and box
  • Hammer
  • Finish nails
  • Wood putty (colour to match moulding)
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