How to Find My Account Numbers to Chase Bank

Written by bailey shoemaker richards | 13/05/2017
How to Find My Account Numbers to Chase Bank
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Chase Bank is one of the largest banks in the nations, and their online and traditional forms of banking make it simple for you to find and utilise your account number, routing number and any other information you may need to access. There are two major ways of locating your bank account numbers if you have accounts with Chase Bank, and both are simple.

Find your latest bank account statement from Chase Bank. Chase mails account statements regularly throughout the year.

Refer to the page of the account statement that has your checking summary, deposits and additions, and ATM and debit card withdrawals.

Look in the upper right hand corner for your current account number. The number should be 15 digits long, beginning with six zeros.

Go to the Chase website and enter your User ID and password to access your checking and savings accounts.

Click on the "Customer Center" tab in the upper right side of the website.

Click on the "See account statements" link.

Choose a date range to open your account information for then click the link that says "View". This will open a PDF file identical to the printed statement Chase Bank sends out.

Refer to the upper right hand corner to find your account number.

Things you need

  • Account statement

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