How to Remove Exhaust Hangers

Updated February 21, 2017

Removing the exhaust hangers on a vehicle can be done in about an hour or two. There are typically three or four exhaust hangers along the exhaust pipe that secures the pipe to the vehicle. These hangers are attached to the vehicle with a metal strap and have a rubber midsection that cushions the pipe, keeping it from bouncing around on rough roads. The U-shaped hanger fits over the top of the exhaust pipe with a metal strap that is bolted underneath it.

Set the parking brake on the vehicle and place a wood block in front of one of the front tires to keep the vehicle from rolling. Lift the back end of the vehicle with a floor jack and place a jack stand under the rear axle near the muffler.

Lower the floor jack so the vehicle is sitting on the jack stand and position the floor jack under the muffler. Lift the floor jack until it meets the bottom of the muffler. You just want to keep the muffler supported with the floor jack while you remove the exhaust hangers, not raise the muffler with the jack.

Unscrew the two nuts on the bottom of the exhaust hanger with a socket wrench and set the nuts aside. Use the socket wrench to detach the bolt at the top of the metal strap that secures the exhaust hanger to the vehicle's frame and set the bolt aside.

Remove the exhaust hanger unit from underneath the vehicle and set it aside.

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 for any other exhaust hangers that need to be removed.


To loosen rusted nuts and bolts, lubricate them with a non-flammable, penetrating oil before attempting to remove them.

Things You'll Need

  • Wood block
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stand
  • Socket wrench set
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