How to Make Double Hair Combs

Updated April 17, 2017

A double hair comb, also known as an elastic hair comb, is two hair combs that are connected by elastic in the middle. A double hair comb is a decorative hair accessory that makes it easy to style your hair in several different ways, keeping your hair out of your face. You can purchase double hair combs online and in some accessory stores. You can also make your own double hair combs with plain hair combs and some other supplies from the jewellery section of a craft store.

Put your two hair combs together so the teeth are facing each other. Put them together so that the teeth overlap by about an inch. Use a small strip of masking tape to hold them together.

Cut a 5-foot strip of clear elastic cord. This will be longer than what you end up needing, but you will trim off any excess in the end.

Wrap one end of your clear elastic cord around one of the straight edges of one of the hair combs between the first and second teeth of the comb. Thread a crimper bead, first onto the long end of the elastic cord, bringing it down to the short end of the cord, which you then thread through the bead as well. This will create a small loop of elastic around the top of the hair comb Close the crimper bead with your needle-nose pliers, creating a small loop of the elastic cord around the metal hair comb.

Thread enough beads onto your elastic cord to reach the other hair comb. Wrap the elastic cord around that hair comb between the first and second teeth, then wrap it around against between the second and third teeth.

Thread more beads onto your elastic until you reach the hair comb that you started at. Wrap the elastic between the second and third teeth and then wrap the elastic between the third and fourth teeth of this hair comb. Continue threading beads back and forth in this manner until you have made it to the space between the last two teeth. Then, thread a crimper bead onto the elastic before wrapping it between these last two teeth. Wrap the elastic around and thread it through the crimper again and close the crimper bead with your needle-nose pliers. Trim the excess elastic.

Things You'll Need

  • Plain metal hair comb
  • Masking tape
  • Clear elastic cord
  • Scissors
  • 2 crimper beads
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Beads that fit on cord
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