How to Decorate With a Red Sofa

A red sofa is bound to be an attention-getter, as this is a bright and bold colour on a fairly large piece of furniture. However, this bright pop of red can easily be calmed down by carefully selecting the surrounding pieces to complement the piece. When used correctly, a red sofa can create a warm, welcoming focal point for the room.

Choose the right red. If you don't already have a red sofa that you are trying to decorate around, make sure that the red sofa you select will work well with your overall decor. A bright, primary shade of red will work with a contemporary look for the room, while a deeper, rust red will look best with browns and greens.

Select other colours to complement the red sofa. If you would like a warm room that incorporates some natural, nature-inspired hues, consider using tan, chocolate brown and sage green. If you prefer a more contemporary look, you may prefer to surround the red couch with white and black, which will create a different look entirely.

Paint the walls in a neutral shade. This should be either a tan or beige colour for the first colour palette, or white for the second.

Surround the red sofa with darker pieces. The end tables, coffee table and entertainment centre or bookshelves should all use one colour. For the first colour palette, this might be a deep brown or mahogany wood. For the second, black furniture will continue the contemporary look of the room.

Incorporate accent pieces that bring other colours into the room. For a nature-inspired room, sage green will work well with the browns and tans, while complementing the red as well. For a contemporary look, you can continue with black and white pieces, or incorporate other bright colours in small accents such as a bright blue or purple.

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