How to make kids' light-up shoes work

Updated February 21, 2017

Light-up shoes are made by many different manufacturers. Attend a preschool and watch an array of coloured-lights flashing on the ground as children enter a building. Children enjoy the way the shoes light up when they walk into dark hallways or rooms.

Place the shoes on the feet and secure them with the corresponding Velcro straps or shoelace ties.

Make firm direct contact between the outsole, or the bottom of the shoe, and the ground. The lights, sometime placed on the top of the shoe, or on the side of the midsoles, will light up with each step or direct contact.

Step or make direct contact at the speed desired for lights to light up.


Changing batteries of light-up shoes is not recommended. Contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting and/or repair.


As of 2009, some light-up shoe batteries contain mercury, a hazardous substance. Check with the shoe's manufacturer to determine the battery source and proper disposal.

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