How to End a Best Man's Speech

Updated April 17, 2017

Serving as a best man for a loved one is an honour that also comes with great responsibilities. One such task is delivering an inspiring speech during the wedding reception. While you don't have to possess the eloquence of an award-winning orator, crafting a solid speech can show your willingness to make the event special for everyone involved. Once you've got past the heart of your message, ending the speech on a positive note is essential.

Thank the preceding speakers. This will most likely be the groom and the father of the bride, but can vary depending on the nature of the ceremony. Use direct eye contact and positive body language to indicate your sincerity. Comment on specific elements of their speeches to give you talking points and demonstrate that you're actively engaged in the event.

Express gratitude for being chosen as the best man. Show your sensitive side by detailing how much the role means to you. Inject humour into your delivery to help break the ice and relieve any jitters. For example, let the audience and the happy couple know that you consider being chosen as the best man an honour--even if you had to dress up and write a speech to secure the job.

Deliver a personal message to the bride and the groom. Stress your commitment to them as a couple and as individuals. Detail your happiness about their union to show support for their new life together. Stress that while you may long for the "good old days" with your friend, you're pleased that he was able to find love with the best possible woman for him.

Raise your glass for a spirited toast to the newlyweds. Lead the audience in an enthusiastic tribute that sums up your happiness for the present and well wishes for the future. Give your toast special meaning by including relevant song or movie references. Bible verses or appropriate "inside" jokes can also elevate the effectiveness of your toast.


Understand that you'll be speaking on behalf of the groomsmen and bridesmaids, so a commitment to excellence is required. Giving the bride appropriate compliments can let her know that you gladly accept her into your heart. Writing your speech on note cards can provide you with opportunities for quick reference. This may be beneficial, as you may experience deep emotions during the reception

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