How to make mobile phone calls over a WiFi

Updated April 17, 2017

Making phone calls using Wi-Fi Internet access can be a cost-efficient alternative to utilising a standard calling plan service. Phone calls placed over Wi-Fi can also be useful in times of emergency if calling plan service is unavailable. Wi-Fi calling on cell phones requires an Internet phone service provider and a compatible device.

Obtain Wi-Fi calling service from an online provider such as Skype or Google Voice. Choose the Wi-Fi calling plan with the most appealing rates. You can choose a plan with a monthly minute allotment, or you may pay per minute.

Download and install the Wi-Fi calling service provider's software to your device. Follow the Wi-Fi calling service's instructions on how to get the software onto your device. You may be able to use a download link from a text message, a web address or file transfer from another device.

Open the Wi-Fi service provider's application on your cell phone. Enter the phone number you wish to call or select a preset contact. Doing so will make a Wi-Fi call that does not use your cell phone's calling plan minutes.


Check with your Wi-Fi calling service provider for a list of compatible devices before purchasing or committing to use their service.


While Wi-Fi calling does not use cell phone calling plan minutes, your applicable data or wireless Internet charges will apply. Wi-Fi calling is ideal for people with unlimited or inexpensive data plans.

Things You'll Need

  • Wi-Fi calling service provider
  • Wireless web or data cell phone service
  • Compatible cell phone
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