How to create a clickable web link on a jpg

Written by kristen waters | 13/05/2017

Any JPG image can be made into a web link by wrapping the "" tag in the "" tag in the HTML code. The "" tag is what creates the link, while the location of the image is place in the "" tag. The "" tag also contains the attributes that size the image and specify what size border you want around the image. You can make create web links with other images (such as GIF images) in the same way.

Open a blank document in a text editor such as Windows Notepad.

Create the HTML document.

Type the line "My Clickable Image" where you want your linked image. Substitute the name of your JPG file for "image.jpg" and the text you want displayed along with the image instead of "My Clickable Image."

Finish the HTML document.

Save the document with the HTML file extension.

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