How to put on leg braces

Updated February 21, 2017

Due to an accident or disability, you may be required to wear leg braces to support your legs when you are walking or standing. The braces are expensive and are made by an orthopaedic laboratory to custom fit you. Each pair of leg braces is individually made from a custom cast of your legs and will help you to resume some normal activities that may have been off limits to you without the braces. Knowing how to correctly put on leg braces is the key to making sure the braces work properly for you.

Set up two chairs about a foot apart and facing each other.

Sit in one of the chairs, and put on your shoes.

Stretch your legs out on the chair across from you.

Slide the leg braces underneath your legs, and Velcro each individual leg strap onto each of your legs. The largest straps will wrap all the way around each leg once, and then you can Velcro them.

Attach the Velcro safety strap around your stomach, and adjust it to fit.

Push yourself up and off the chair with your hands.


If it is your first time putting on leg braces, it is best to have someone nearby to help you stand until you learn how to get up from the chair yourself and walk with the braces on your legs. Always use the stomach safety strap to keep the leg braces properly attached to your body. The leg braces are the most comfortable when you wear shoes that are a size or two too large or when you wear platform shoes.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 chairs
  • Shoes
  • Assistant (optional)
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