How to find my SMTP server IP address

Updated May 25, 2017

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server is used to send mail from an e-mail program like Microsoft Outlook. These servers have Web addresses like "" or "" Occasionally, you may need to know the IP address of the SMTP server to configure your mail program correctly. As long as you know the name of the SMTP server, it is easy to find the IP address.

Click "Start," then "Run" and type "cmd" in the box that appears.

Press enter. A command window will appear.

Type "ping," a space and then the name of your SMTP Server. For example, type "ping" and press "Enter." The window will then try to contact the SMTP server by the IP address. It will say, "Pinging x.x.x.x with 32 bytes of data." The "x.x.x.x" will be the SMTP server's IP address.

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