How to Check Port Status On Cisco Switch

Updated July 20, 2017

Cisco switches include several network ports. You can check the status of each port on the Cisco switch by running an included command at the switch's command prompt. The command displays whether the port is connected or not, the port's speed, the virtual LAN it's communicating with and the type of connection established on the port. You can use this command to view the status of every port on the Cisco switch or specify a single port to check.

Connect the computer to the console port on the back of the Cisco switch using the included cable and adaptor.

Use a terminal emulator program such as HyperTerminal on Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows to connect to the Cisco switch. Set the terminal emulator to 9600 baud, eight data bits, one stop bit and no parity to connect.

Type "show port status" at the console prompt.

Press "Enter" to view the status of all ports on the Cisco switch.


You can check the status of an individual port by specifying the port's module number and port number on the module. For example, the command "show port status 2/1" displays the status of the first port on the second module. You can see each port's module and port numbers in the Port column of the output of the "show port status" command.

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