How to Switch Phones on Your Virgin Mobile Account

Updated March 23, 2017

Virgin Mobile allows you to switch the cell phone you use on your account at any time. Unlike most cell phone carriers that require an in-store activation, you can purchase a new Virgin Mobile phone and activate it yourself in the online account management site.

Purchase a new Virgin Mobile cell phone. It is not possible to use phones from other carriers with your Virgin Mobile account.

Log in to your account on the Virgin Mobile website.

Click on the “Swap Phones” link on the right side of the screen, below the picture of your current cell phone.

Scroll down on the Activate a Phone page, and click on the picture of your new cell phone. Follow the instructions which appear onscreen to retrieve the serial number of your new phone.

Enter the serial number of the new phone in the two fields provided.

Click through the remaining set-up screens. These will be preloaded with information from your current account. If you want to change your plan to make better use of your new phone, you can do so as you proceed.

Finish the registration process at the activation welcome page. It may take some time for your new cell phone to be fully activated. Virgin Mobile will send a message to the phone to let you know when it is completed.

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