How to remove cushion grip from false teeth

Updated February 21, 2017

Cushion Grip is one of many denture adhesive products designed to make your dentures fit snugly in your mouth. Cushion Grip manufacturers claim the adhesive works up to four days before you need another application of the glue. If you accidentally get some of the adhesive on the teeth of your dentures, don't be concerned that you will be stuck with unattractive teeth for several days. Although the substance is sticky, you can remove it easily.

Take the dentures out of your mouth.

Place your dentures in a small bowl of cold distilled water mixed with two tablespoons of white vinegar, and let them soak for three hours. The Cushion Grip should begin to harden during this time.

Pull the Cushion Grip gently off the false teeth. If the Cushion Grip still feels sticky and gooey, place the dentures back in the cold water until the adhesive hardens, then try removing the adhesive again. It should peel right off.

Soak the dentures for 30 minutes in a bowl of warm salt water before putting them back in your mouth.


To avoid having to use denture adhesive every few days, consider relining your dentures with an acrylic denture reliner that lasts a couple of years or longer.


Be careful pulling Cushion Grip off teeth, so you don't accidentally pull a tooth out of your dentures.

Things You'll Need

  • Small bowl
  • Cold distilled water
  • White vinegar
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