How to Feed Bantam Chickens

Updated April 17, 2017

Bantam chickens are small, showy members of the chicken family. Some ornamental varieties have spectacular plumage that make them desirable as pets and as show animals. Bantam chickens have much the same diet as regular-sized hens, but it's important to feed them high-quality chicken feed to keep their plumage elegant.

Feed your bantams whole grains. They should be fed grains regularly and have a supply in their cages at all times. Most farm feed stores will have various chicken feeds available, so you can choose feed at a price that's right for you, but stick to whole grains. Cracked corn is cheaper, but is less healthy for the chicken.

Give bantam access to fresh greens. Chickens need a supplemental diet of grass, weeds, and/or fresh vegetable leftovers from your kitchen. The best way to feed grass and weeds to your chickens is to let them roam in a grass-filled, fenced-in area near their pen.

Ensure the bantam is getting protein. They can obtain protein from insects in the summer, but in winter you'll need to include soy, worms, milk, fish, and/or other meats with their feed.


Keep a supply of water available for your bantam chickens at all times.

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