How to convert otf to ttf in freeware

Updated April 17, 2017

Many Windows operating systems cannot recognise OTF (OpenType) fonts. If you want to use a new font on your Windows computer, you will have to convert it to a TTF (TrueType) font. Many websites offer free software (Freeware) or limited free trials of software that can convert and manage font types. You can also convert font formats without downloading software at

Open the font converter software or website (see below for links).

Click "Add File" or "Choose File" and browse your computer's documents for the OTF file you want to convert.

Enter "OTF" or "OpenType (.otf)" in the input format menu if necessary. The program might also read your file format automatically.

Enter "TTF" or "TrueType (.ttf)" in the output format menu.

Click "Convert Font" to begin converting the file. You might have to agree to terms and conditions first.


Only convert fonts that you have the right to use. Do not convert fonts for redistribution.

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