How to Know If a Guy You Met Online Likes You

Updated April 17, 2017

An interesting encounter with a guy on the Internet could possibly lead to a deeper relationship. However, while it can be simple to identify signs of attraction when dealing with a guy in person, decoding how he feels about you while online can prove more challenging. This is because body language often plays an important part in determining romantic interest. Use a combination of assessment techniques to help you decide if a guy you met online likes you.

Pay attention to his words. Words are especially important in online communication. Notice whether he uses a lot of positive emoticons during your messaging. If he makes references to your personal interests, that can also indicate he has a deeper interest in you. Examples include injecting song titles from your favourite band into your dialogue or creating an original poem for you at the close of every conversation.

Consider how regularly he contacts you. This helps you know if he values you as more than a mere Internet buddy. Understand that making time to contact you takes away from his normal, real-world routine. If he does things such as rearranges his schedule to avoid missing your conversations, that may indicate romantic interest.

Consider the depth of your online conversations. Examine how much he wants to know about you, because a guy who likes you may seek more personal information. Examples include asking details about your childhood or your personal goals. Also take notice of how much information he's willing to reveal about himself.

See how interested he is in taking your interactions beyond chatting online. He may want to engage in video chats or exchange phone numbers. Asking you to meet in person is a strong indication that he likes you. Listen to the way he talks about the future, as alluding to a common future with you can show he has more serious intentions.


Watch for signs of jealousy, such as if he gets upset when you talk about your social life with other guys. Pay attention to the amount and types of compliments he gives you. Comparing you to old girlfriends or women he finds attractive may indicate that he likes you.

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