How to Insert an Excel Drop Down Menu Box Into a Word Document

Updated February 21, 2017

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that can help you sort and manipulate data. Drop-down boxes in Excel enable you to select the contents of a cell from a drop-down list. If you want to import that cell's data (and the complete drop-down list) into a Word document for documentation or training purposes, you won't be able to simply copy and paste the box into Word. That's because the drop-down box is an Excel "object," and you need to let Word know that is what you are pasting. With a little tweak, you'll have a fully functional cell with a drop-down box within your Word document.

Select the Excel cell with the drop-down box by left-clicking it with your mouse.

Click "Ctrl" and "C" to copy the contents of the box to the clipboard.

In Microsoft Word, click on the "Home" tab.

Click the down arrow beneath "Paste" at the far left of the ribbon (the toolbar). Select "Paste Special" from the options list.

Choose "Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object." This inserts the object into Word.


To make the drop-down box work, double-click on it within the Word document. This makes the cell pop out, and you can scroll through the drop-down box menu.

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