How to Store Handmade Greeting Cards

When you enjoy making handmade greeting cards, over time you may begin to accumulate a sizeable collection of greeting cards you are saving to send for various occasions. Make sure you keep your greeting cards safe and secure by storing the cards properly. There are many different boxes available for storing greeting cards. Place dividers in the storage box to keep the greeting cards sorted neatly for easy access when you need them.

Gather your handmade greeting cards together and sort them by theme. Separate the juvenile birthday cards, adult birthday cards, get-well cards, sympathy cards, wedding cards, new baby cards and thinking of you cards into separate piles.

Write the different kinds of cards you will be storing in the box onto the tabs of the dividers. For example, write "Birthday," "Get Well," "Sympathy," "Wedding," "New Baby" and "Thinking of You" onto the dividers.

Place the dividers into the box and insert each group of cards in front of the appropriate divider. For example, place all of the birthday cards in front of the "Birthday" divider. Continue placing the greeting cards into the box in front of the appropriate divider until you have filed all of the handmade greeting cards in the box

Close the box tightly and place it on a shelf out of direct sunlight.


Many storage boxes designed for greeting card storage are made of a special acid-free plastic that will store scrapbooking papers safely for an extended period.

Things You'll Need

  • Handmade greeting cards
  • Storage box (with dividers)
  • Pen
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