How to measure your jean size

Updated April 17, 2017

Some people enjoy shopping, while others find it arduous. Many times, the worst part of shopping is trying on clothes, finding out they don't fit, and then having to look for more clothes. Knowing what size you wear can help save you time, and get you onto the next store (or home) much quicker. Jeans sizes in the UK tend to be written in inches, so if you know your dimensions in centimetres, you will have to convert them to inches.

Take the measuring tape and measure around your lower torso area, wherever you want the trousers to button. If you wear your trousers high, measure around your belly button. To measure for low riding trousers, measure around your hips. Write down this measurement as the waist measurement.

Measure the inseam by starting at your ankle and going up the inside of your leg to the bottom of where you want the crotch of your trousers to end. Write down this measurement as the inseam measurement.

Measure the rise of the trousers by taking the measurement from the end of your inseam area (closest to the ground) and measuring up to the area of your torso where you measured in Step 1. High rise trousers will go up to the waist area, whereas low rise trousers will usually be around the hips.

Convert inches to sizes for women by consulting a women's size conversion chart (see Resources). Men's trouser sizes are actually measured in inches, and appear as "waist by inseam," so a measurement of 30 by 32, for example, means the trousers have a 30 inch waist and a 32 inch inseam. Match the measurements of inches that you've gathered to the appropriate measurements on the label to find men's trousers.

Start trying on trousers at the store that match the dimensions or sizes you've gathered. Because different companies measure slightly differently, you may have to go up or down a couple sizes, but your measurements should be a fairly accurate jumping off point, and you shouldn't have to look for long.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
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