How to Convert an MP3 File to Sheet Music

Updated April 17, 2017

Converting an mp3 file into sheet music can be done by hand through transcription. However, direct digital conversion is not possible. Fortunately, a digital solution for this conversion lies in MIDI and karaoke files. You can retrieve the notes from your desired mp3 file by processing its MIDI or karaoke file through music note transcription software. You can even convert an mp3 file to MIDI using note recognition software beforehand if the mp3 is not too complex.

Cue your mp3 file. Prepare the mp3 for playback using audio editing software or a playback device with speed adjustment capability if you have the music education and note recognition training required to transcribe music manually. Otherwise, try the digital transcription method outlined in Section 2.

Position your sheet music and pencil so that you may write quickly. Place the sheet music on a hard surface within your immediate reach. Keep your pencil handy, if not actually in your hand.

Play your mp3 file. Slow down the playback to make note recognition easier.

Transcribe your mp3 file. Use the pencil to take down each note as you hear it. Feel free to pause and rewind as you listen for notes.

Locate a MIDI or karaoke file of your mp3. Download and install the freeware version of WIDI Recognition System to convert the mp3 to MIDI if the notes are not too complex.

Purchase the full version or download a free trial version of a music note transcription program such as Notation. Install the software.

Open the MIDI or karaoke file in your note transcription software. Using music note transcription software gives you a breakdown of the notes that comprise the MIDI file.


Avoid using pen to transcribe notes, as you may easily make a note jotting mistake.

Things You'll Need

  • Music file in mp3 format
  • Audio editing software or playback device with speed adjustment capability
  • Blank sheet music
  • Pencil
  • MIDI (.mid) or karaoke (.kar) rendition of music file in mp3 format (optional)
  • WIDI Recognition System Professional (optional)
  • Music note transcription software (optional)
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