How to Convert an Address List in Excel Into Address Labels

Updated March 23, 2017

Microsoft Excel is useful when it comes to entering and managing address list data. But if you try to print your list inside of the Excel program on label paper, it will be difficult to get everything lined up correctly. The best way to convert your Excel-based address list to mailing labels is to deposit the Excel data into Microsoft Word's mail merge tool.

Purchase address label paper. Take note of the label identification code, which should be printed on the front or back of the package. Make sure the label paper is compatible with Microsoft Word.

Save your Excel address list in a folder on your computer named "Address Labels" or something similar, in a place where you can find it easily. Each address entry should be on its own row with the columns named (for example, First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State and Zip).

Open a blank document in Microsoft Word. Click "Mailings," then "Start Mail Merge." Select "Labels" from the list of options. A dialogue box will appear.

Choose the vendor that makes the label paper you purchased from the "Label Vendors" drop-down list. Then find and select the label identification code from the packaging under the "Product number" list. Press "OK."

Click "Select Recipients" from the "Mailings" menu. Choose "Use Existing List" and then find the Excel file you saved in Step 2.

Position your cursor inside of the first label. Click "Insert Merge Field." All of the columns (also called fields) from your Excel file will show in a list. Choose the first field (such as "First Name") to insert it into the first label box. Repeat this action for all of the fields, making sure to position them on the label where you want the information to appear when printed.

Save the Word file in your "Address Labels" or similarly named folder.

Click "Update Labels" on the "Mailings" menu. The phrase <> will appear in front of the fields for each label on the sheet.

Press "Finish & Merge" on the "Mailings" menu. Choose "Edit Individual Documents," type in the records you want to merge to the label sheet, then hit "OK." All of your labels with address information from your Excel sheet will now appear on screen. Whenever you update and save your file in Excel, it will automatically update when you create your labels in Word---the two files (Excel list and Word label sheet) are now linked.

Print out your labels.


These instructions work with Microsoft Word 2007 and any version of Excel. If you have an older version of Word, you can find the mail merge options under "Tools," then "Letters and Mailings" on the main menu. As an alternative, click "View" on the main menu, then "Toolbars" to open the mail merge toolbar.

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