How to Keep Moulding on Car Windows Clean

Updated February 21, 2017

Car window moulding (also spelt moulding) protects the interior of the door from the elements. Keeping the moulding clean makes it last longer. Clean, flexible moulding is less likely to crack and peel away. This area of the windows and doors is often overlooked during routine car care, but it shouldn't be. Cleaning this rubber seal around the car windows is simple, doesn't take very long, and may save you money from having to replace the seal in the long run.

Roll down your windows. Brush the rubber window seals with an auto detailing brush. This is to remove surface dust and road grit.

Dampen a cloth in warm water. Add a few drops of mild soap (dish soap is acceptable) to the cloth and scrub this over the moulding. If moulding is very dirty, switch to a clean area of the cloth frequently. or use a new damp cloth.

Wipe the moulding down with a fresh, damp cloth to rinse off the soap. Allow the rubber moulding to air dry.

Spray a vinyl and rubber conditioner on a clean cloth. Wipe the conditioner over the window moulding. also suggests applying a rubber and vinyl protectant once a month to moulding . You can apply this with a cloth or a sponge. Leave it on to soak into the rubber and then wipe it with a dry cloth. This protectant helps keep vinyl and rubber from drying out.


In between regular car washings, keep a small brush on hand to brush away dirt from the moulding. You should make it a habit to inspect and clean the rubber window seals every time you clean your windows.

Things You'll Need

  • Detailing brush
  • Cloth
  • Mild soap
  • Rubber and vinyl conditioner
  • Rubber protectant spray
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