How to Keep a Gravel Driveway Free of Weeds & Grass

Updated February 21, 2017

Though inexpensive to build, gravel driveways require more maintenance than typical concrete driveways. They tend to mound up and need to be regraded, and weeds or other plant life will grow through the loose gravel areas. Keeping weeds and grass from growing in your gravel driveway is part of routine driveway maintenance, and can be done following a simple process.

Rake the area thoroughly prior to adding gravel. Pull up any existing weeds or noticeable roots.

Lay down visqueen plastic sheeting prior to adding gravel to your driveway. Visqueen is available at many hardware or home and garden supply stores, and can be cut to suit your needs. This will prevent most plants from growing up through the gravel.

Spray the entire surface area of your gravel driveway periodically with weed killer. Do this about once a month to prevent weed growth.


Re-grade your gravel driveway every year to keep the surface smooth and prevent weeds from growing in patches of missing gravel.


Always use proper protective clothing, eye protection and gloves, when applying weed killer.

Things You'll Need

  • Weed killer
  • Visqueen
  • Rake
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