How to Use a Toshiba Laptop Recovery Disk

Updated July 20, 2017

If your Toshiba computer has taken a turn for the worse, you can always use the Toshiba Laptop Recovery Disk. Provided to you by your manufacturer, this disk can be used to wipe out all of the data on the hard drive so that you can start anew. The downside to this action is that all of the files and folders that were not backed up will be permanently lost.

Place the first recovery CD into the disk drive. You may only have one CD; the number of discs will vary depending on the model number of the computer.

Turn off your Toshiba laptop.

Turn your laptop back on. To start recovery, press the "R" key when prompted at the boot screen. The boot screen is the very first thing you will see while your computer is turning on.

Press "F" to format the hard drive and perform a full system recovery.

If you have a second disk, insert it when prompted.

When the process is finished, choose "Restart". Allow the computer to restart, then start the Windows application.


Back up all of your files before performing the recovery because you will lose your data during the process. Some Toshiba laptops will come with Recovery Partitions, eliminating the use of discs.


You must use the disk that came with your computer, or one you made using your Toshiba laptop. Disks from other laptops will not work for Toshiba computers.

Things You'll Need

  • Toshiba Laptop
  • Toshiba Laptop Recovery Disk
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