How to Remove a Halopar Halogen Light Bulb

Updated March 23, 2017

Halogen light bulbs are simply light bulbs that are designed to last for longer than regular light bulbs. They work off of the halogen system, which burns the light bulb more slowly than the traditional light bulb system. Numerous brands of halogen light bulbs exist, and one of them is the Osram Halopar, which has an average lifetime of 2000 hours. The process for removing a Halopar light bulb is basically the same as removing any other light bulb.

Turn off the power source to the Halopar halogen light bulb. Allow the bulb to cool completely before attempting to remove it.

Locate the bulb. Use a ladder to reach the bulb if necessary.

Grasp the bulb firmly with your fingertips. Turn it counterclockwise until it unscrews from the power source.


Grasp the bulb with a soft cloth if you wish to remove it while it's still warm.


Never stick your fingers in the power source because you could electrocute yourself.

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