How to Find a Poulan Pro Mower Parts Dealer

Written by matt browning | 13/05/2017

Poulan Pro manufactures a wide variety of mowers and outdoor lawn equipment. Finding a Poulan Pro mower parts dealer might seem like a challenging task, but it is actually quite simple. Using resources developed by the manufacturer, search engines and other online resources as well as local resources in your community, finding a Poulan Pro mower parts dealer is easy.

Ask friends or neighbours who also own Poulan Pro mowers where they buy parts for their mower. Relying on sources like friends and neighbours means you will get trusted opinions about the dealer's reliability and service.

Locate a nearby Poulan Pro mower parts dealer by contacting Poulan directly. Call the company's toll free number, (800) 849-1297, or visit its website,, to search the company's resources and find a local parts dealer. If you live far away from a local parts dealer, you may order parts online from either Poulan Pro or some of its approved online dealers, with shipment available to your location.

Visit the store where you bought your Poulan Pro mower and ask the staff about parts for your mower. Stores that sell Poulan Pro mowers are usually also parts dealers, so there is a good chance that the place you bought your mower will also sell parts for it.

Ask general small engine repair shops or stores that sell small engine equipment if they are aware of where to buy Poulan Pro mower parts. Although Poulan Pro recommends buying mower parts from only approved dealers, these general small engine repair shops may know where you can find a local parts dealer.

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