How to set up outdoor security cameras at home

Security cameras are helpful to those concerned about the safety of their home. Once installed, cameras can be used to keep an eye on children or simply monitor the activities going on around your house. When setting up an outdoor security camera, make sure you choose a camera that is equipped to handle different weather conditions. The box should tell you whether the system is for indoor or outdoor use. Indoor cameras are not weather tight and should not be exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture. Outdoor cameras are built with a protective shell around them.

Select the type of connection you want; you can choose a wired or a wireless connection. Wireless systems are easier to install with no limitations on the distance between the devices and the monitors. Be aware that wireless connections are subject to signal interference. If you choose to install a wired connection, it will require more work; however, the benefit of having a wired connection is that you won't have any signal interference.

Decide where you want your security camera. Place your camera in a position that will display the entire area you wish to view. Then, decide whether you want your camera visible or hidden. If you set up a wired camera system, hiding and wiring your device will be more difficult.

Drill holes for mounting the brackets. If you are setting up more than one camera, make sure you allow enough distance in between. Test your camera or cameras by turning them on and placing them in position. View the coverage area and decide where to drill your holes. If you are using a wired system, make sure the camera cables are long enough to connect your camera to your monitor.

Attach the brackets using the screwdriver. Regardless of whether your camera is on the ground or on a wall, you will need brackets to securely position your camera. Make sure your brackets are tight and stable enough to hold the camera.

Mount the camera and attach the camera to the brackets. Make sure everything is tightly secured.

Select a location for your monitor. The monitor should be in a location where you spend the most time.

If you are using a wireless system, you have completed the set-up process.

Run a cable from each camera to your monitor if you are using a wired system. Cables can run along door and floor edges or under a carpet. Use electrical tape or a staple gun to secure your wires. If your monitor does not have multiple plugs for your camera cables, you need to purchase a multiplexer. Plug your camera cables into the multiplexer and plug the multiplexer into the monitor.

Turn on your system to view your area.


Instructions on how to set up your system will vary depending on each model. It is always wise to read the instructions that come with the system.

Things You'll Need

  • Video surveillance system
  • Monitor
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Electrical tape or staple gun
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